Walk the Walk: Finding the Best New Balance Shoes for Your Feet

Walking is one of the simplest yet most beneficial forms of exercise. And having the proper pair of walking shoes can make all the difference in comfort, support, and enjoyment of your walking workouts.

As a leading athletic brand, New Balance offers a variety of excellent walking shoes to meet your needs. Their shoes provide cushioning, stability, breathability and durability to keep your feet happy mile after mile.

But with so many New Balance walking shoes to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right model for your gait, foot shape, and walking style. In this post, we’ll cover the top 4 recommended New Balance walking shoes across categories. We’ll also give you tips for determining the best pair to match your individual walking needs.

Let’s start moving in the right direction to find your perfect New Balance walking shoes!

The Best 4 New Balance Walking Shoes

New Balance delivers exceptional options to keep walkers striding in comfort. Here are 4 of the top choices:

1. New Balance 928v3

The 928v3 provides maximum stability and support in a comfortable walking package. This shoe is specifically designed to prevent overpronation through each step.

The ROLLBAR technology and ABZORB foam work together to guide foot motion and cushion landings. The durable leather upper supports the foot through the walking motion.

For walkers with flat feet or moderate to severe overpronation, the 928v3 supplies the enhanced control needed to improve gait mechanics during walking.

2. New Balance 680v6

The 680v6 is a neutral cushioned walking shoe perfect for everyday wear. The injected EVA foam midsole provides plush step-in softness and shock absorption mile after mile.

The rubber outsole includes a walking-specific tread pattern to give flexibility and traction on varied surfaces. The synthetic and mesh upper offers breathability during longer walks.

As a versatile fitness walker ideal for a normal foot motion, the 680v6 delivers on cushioning and comfort at a very affordable price point.

3. New Balance 577

The classic 577 walking shoe provides retro sports styling and reliable performance. Since its 1989 debut, this leather shoe remains iconic in pop culture and fashion.

Durable leather and suede uppers break-in to your foot over time while the ENCAP midsole softens each step. The padded collar, tongue and footbed increase comfort.

Whether you’re an OG fan or discovering this classic for the first time, the 577 brings together walkable comfort, quality craftsmanship and covetable casual style.

4. New Balance 1540v3

The 1540v3 supplies maximum stability and motion control for severe overpronators. This shoe is engineered to provide firm correction of pronation and arch support.

Signature stability technologies like ROLLBAR and T-Beam guide foot positioning through the entire stride. The Abzorb midsole also cushions hard heel strikes.

For flat feet and profound overpronation, the 1540v3 brings together the cushioning and enhanced motion control needed to improve gait mechanics during walking.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Pair

Choosing the best New Balance walking shoes starts with evaluating key factors:

Consider Your Needs

Think about:

  • Walking frequency, distance and speed – longer walks need more cushioning. Faster paces may require responsiveness.
  • Walking conditions – varying outdoor terrain calls for more tread durability.
  • Desired flexibility – rigid arches benefit from added flex grooves.
  • Foot issues like plantar fasciitis may need additional arch support or deep heel cups.

Matching shoe features to your unique walking needs enhances performance and comfort.

Learn the Technology

Knowing New Balance technologies helps select ideal features:

  • Stability technologies like ROLLBAR and T-Beam target pronation.
  • Cushioning foams like ABZORB and EVA pad each step.
  • Medial posts and arch reinforcement prevent overpronation.
  • Outsole tread provides grip across surfaces while resisting wear.

Evaluate Fit and Sizing

  • Try on walking shoes for best fit instead of assuming your regular size.
  • New Balance offers wide/extra wide widths to accommodate different foot shapes.
  • Consider sizing up/down if between standard sizes.
  • Analyze wear patterns on old shoes to spot potential fit adjustments needed.

Consider Arch Type and Pronation

  • Overpronators need motion control shoes to realign excessive inward foot rolling.
  • Flat feet do well with arch reinforcement and medial support.
  • Neutral gaits need balance of flexibility and cushioning.

Analyze Your Walking Style

  • Heavier walkers and slower paces demand extra cushioning for shock absorption.
  • Natural striders can opt for minimalist shoes allowing foot muscles to activate.
  • Faster fitness walkers may prioritize responsiveness and flexibility.

Compare Support Levels

  • Stability shoes deliver pronation control. Go max stability for severe overpronation.
  • Neutral cushioned shoes offer shock absorption without stability elements.
  • Minimalist shoes have the least intervention but need strong foot muscles.

Know the Return Policy

  • Try walking in shoes to feel the right support and comfort before committing.
  • Understand New Balance’s exchange policy terms when selecting the optimal model.

New Balance Walking Shoes FAQs

Are New Balance shoes good for walking?

Yes, New Balance walking shoes provide excellent cushioning and support features tailored for walkers. Technologies like ROLLBAR and ABZORB ensure comfort mile after mile.

Do New Balance walking shoes run true to size?

It’s best to try shoes on because each foot is unique. New Balance does offer wide and extra wide widths to accommodate different foot shapes if needed. Consider sizing up/down.

Where are New Balance walking shoes made?

Some New Balance shoes are still made in the USA but many walking shoe models are imported from Asia where the company closely manages quality standards.

What are the most comfortable New Balance walking shoes?

Plushly padded options like the 928v3, 840v4, and 1540v3 use ABZORB and PU foams to provide exceptional comfort underfoot during walking.

How do I clean New Balance walking shoes?

Use gentle soap and water, taking care not to soak mesh material. Spot clean stains with a toothbrush. Remove laces and insoles to wash separately. Air dry fully before wearing again.

Find Your Perfect Pair!

From stylish casual kicks to stability-enhancing athletic shoes, New Balance offers excellent footwear to keep you moving comfortably. Use the tips provided to determine your walking needs and preferences. Models like the 928v3, 680v6, 577, and 1540v3 are great across categories but explore all the options.

Now that you know how to select the right New Balance technology, fit, and feel underfoot, you can step out with confidence in shoes built to go the distance. Happy walking in your new kicks!

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