Find Your Stride: The Definitive Guide to New Balance Golf Shoes

Golf shoes may seem like a small detail, but they can make or break your performance on the course. The right pair provides stability, traction, and just the right amount of comfort to help you play at your best from the first tee to the final green. That’s why more and more golfers are looking to New Balance golf shoes to take their game to the next level.

New Balance has stormed onto the golf scene in recent years with technologically advanced shoes that deliver exceptional support, responsiveness, and durability. With so many great models to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which New Balance kick is the best fit for your needs. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the top 4 New Balance golf shoes on the market right now. We’ll cover all the key features, technologies, and styles so you can zero in on the ideal pair. We’ll also give you pro tips on how to select the right New Balance shoe for your foot, swing, and typical golf conditions. Finally, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about New Balance golf shoes so you can step up to the tee with total confidence.

So lace up and get ready – it’s time to discover your perfect pair!

The Best 4 New Balance Golf Shoes

When you think of New Balance, you probably picture comfortable sneakers for everyday wear. But the company’s golf division has been producing exception golf shoes for years that deliver sophisticated stability, weather protection, and luxurious feel to enhance your performance.

Here are the 4 top models leading the pack right now:

New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL Boa

The LinksSL Boa golf shoe stands out for its easy-to-adjust Boa closure system and ultra-responsive cushioning. The reel-based system with thin wires replaces traditional laces, allowing you to quickly tighten and loosen the shoes with a turn of a dial. Meanwhile, the full-length Fresh Foam midsole gives you soft, plush comfort and support across the entire foot.

Other features that make this shoe a stand-out include:

  • Low-profile, stable chassis for solid footing during swings
  • Waterproof premium leather upper keeps feet dry
  • Durable spikeless rubber outsole with Champ Zarma Tour traction
  • Multiple width options for proper fit

This award-winning shoe works well for golfers who want a customizable fit alongside responsive cushioning. The easy Boa adjustment is also great for those with limited mobility. They run about $180, providing excellent value given the technology involved.

New Balance Fresh Foam Crush

As the name implies, the Fresh Foam Crush harnesses ultra-soft cushioning to provide long-lasting comfort on the course. This athletic spikeless shoe uses a full-length Fresh Foam midsole and Ortholite insole to create plush support underfoot.

The lightweight, flexible synthetic and mesh upper includes water-resistant treatment to keep your feet dry on dewy mornings. A flexible TPU outsole with multiple traction zones delivers stability and grip when swinging or walking 18 holes.

Key features and benefits of the Fresh Foam Crush include:

  • Extremely lightweight at just over 1 pound per shoe
  • Soft, cushioned feel eases pressure on feet and joints
  • Athletic styling in a wide range of color combos
  • Versatile traction works well on various course conditions
  • Water-resistant construction fights light rain and moisture
  • Retails around $130, providing excellent cushioning for the price

Overall, this is an excellent choice for golfers wanting soft, pillow-like comfort during their whole round. The Fresh Foam Crush works equally well for walking or riding.

New Balance Minimus Tour Golf

If you prefer a glove-like shoe that lets you feel totally connected to the course, check out the New Balance Minimus Tour. It’s created with a minimalistic design to almost mimic being barefoot, enhancing ground feedback and stability.

The ultra-thin and flexible upper includes bonded seams to reduce irritation. It wraps snugly around the foot without constricting movement. The spikeless rubber outsole includes natural-motion grooves for flexibility and traction inspired by the human foot.

Other details on this unique golf shoe:

  • Extremely low-to-the-ground profile at just 4mm heel-toe drop
  • One-piece FantomFit support frame for a barely-there feel
  • Fused rubber outsole provides floor-hugging traction
  • Retailed around $129, delivering minimalist performance at a fair price

Golf traditionalists may need some time to get used to them, but players looking for a “barely there” shoe will love the Minimus Tour’s glove-like minimalism. They work best for low-handicappers with efficient swings.

New Balance Fresh Foam GOLFX

The Fresh Foam GOLFX leans into the athletic styling of other Fresh Foam models with an integrated lacing system and structured heel counter. The waterproof leather upper keeps the elements out while remaining breathable.

Like other Fresh Foam options, it includes plush, responsive cushioning from heel to toe. But this model also utilizes a Dupont Surlyn instep and Ndurance rubber outsole for extra durability and traction.

Key specs of the GOLFX shoe:

  • Offers a roomy fit in the toe box
  • Surlyn instep adds abrasion resistance
  • Low-profile cushioning situates foot close to ground
  • Aggressive spike pattern for extra grip
  • Rugged performance makes it ideal for course walking
  • Retails around $199, priced as a premium leather golf shoe

Overall, the Fresh Foam GOLFX is built to handle whatever the golf course throws your way while keeping feet refreshed and energized. It’s a good pick for golfers who walk and those needing a roomier fit.

Comparing the Top 4

Now that we’ve highlighted the features and benefits of New Balance’s top golf offerings, let’s compare them head-to-head:

  • The LinksSL Boa is the best overall choice for its easy adjustability, plush cushioning, and waterproof protection.
  • The Fresh Foam Crush takes the title for the most comfortable shoe with its ultra-soft midsole.
  • The Minimus Tour is tops for stability and ground-feel with its minimalist, barefoot-like design.
  • The Fresh Foam GOLFX is built most ruggedly for walking long distances round after round.
  • For affordability, the Crush gives you the best Fresh Foam cushioning under $150.

Considering factors like pricing, comfort, traction, and support, the LinksSL Boa rises as the number one New Balance golf shoe. But each model has strengths that could make it the right choice depending on your needs and preferences.

How to Choose the Best New Balance Golf Shoe

With so many options to select from, it can be challenging to decide where to start. Here are some pro tips for dialing in the best New Balance golf shoe for your game:

Consider Your Needs

Think about how and how often you typically play golf. Important factors like these will help determine what features you need most:

  • Frequency – Do you play daily, weekly, or just a few times per month? More frequent golfers need extra durability.
  • Walking vs. riding – Do you walk the full 18 or take a cart? Shoes for walking need more cushioning and flexibility.
  • Foot shape – Do you have narrow or wide feet? Make sure to choose a shoe that offers multiple width options if needed.
  • Weather – What conditions do you typically play in? Waterproof shoes provide protection in damp climates.
  • Priorities – Do you prefer plush comfort, stable support, or a glove-like feel? This points you to what tech to look for.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Use the comparison information above to create a shortlist of New Balance golf shoes with the features that best match your top needs and priorities.

Check manufacturer fit guidance and sizing charts to estimate what size you need. Read reviews from other golfers to get feedback on real-world performance and feel.

Try Before You Buy

If possible, head to a retail golf store or pro shop to try on shoes in person. This ensures a comfortable fit and proper sizing.

Don’t have access to a golf retailer? Order 2-3 pairs in your estimated size from an online shop with a good return policy. Try them on at home and send back what doesn’t fit just right.

Dial in Your Size

When trying on golf shoes, make sure to walk and bend like you would on the course. The shoes should:

  • Fit snugly in the heel with minimal slippage
  • Have relaxed room for toes without jamming them
  • Feel comfortably wide across the ball and instep of your foot
  • Not pinch or rub anywhere as you walk

Consider sizing up if you fall between sizes, have athletic feet, or prefer a bit of extra room. Insoles can also optimize the fit if a pair feels slightly big or lacks arch support.

Consider Style Preferences

Beyond fit and features, choose a New Balance look you love! Some options include:

  • Traditional saddle shoes with two-tone leather and retro styling
  • Athletic models in bright color combos and fabric uppers
  • Spiked with replaceable cleats for extra traction
  • Spikeless with textured rubber providing casual versatility

Finding a pair that checks all your boxes for comfort, performance and style will keep you excited to lace up every time.

Compare Prices

Once you’ve selected the ideal New Balance model, it’s time to score the best deal. Prices can vary between retailers. Make sure to:

  • Check New Balance’s website directly for any current discounts or sales
  • Browse clearance sections of major golf and shoe retailers
  • Read retailer reviews and fine print to ensure legit products
  • Avoid paying more than MSRP unless shoes are limited edition

With the right research, you can get top-notch performance and save a few bucks!

Care for Your Shoes

Your new kicks will only reach their full potential with proper care between rounds. Be sure to:

  • Thoroughly air dry shoes after golfing before storing
  • Clean dirt and grass stains promptly with a soft brush and mild soap
  • Keep stored in a breathable area away from direct sunlight
  • Inspect spike tightness and replace as they become worn down

Following these tips will add seasons of joy to your New Balance golf shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions about getting the right performance from your New Balance golf footwear? Here we answer some of the key questions we get asked most often:

How long do New Balance golf shoes last?

With proper care and maintenance, a quality pair of New Balance golf shoes will typically last 1-2 full seasons of play when worn 1-2 times per week. More frequent wear or walking 18 holes the majority of rounds will shorten the lifespan.

Rotating between two different pairs of shoes allows each to fully air out and dry between wears, extending their durability.

Are New Balance golf shoes waterproof?

Some New Balance golf shoe models contain waterproofing membranes or treatments, while other versions are considered only water-resistant.

Shoes like the LinksSL Boa and Fresh Foam GOLFX are fully waterproof. Others like the Fresh Foam Crush are treated to resist water but not labeled as fully waterproof.

Spray-on waterproofing chemicals can be applied to enhance water resistance if needed. But they may need reapplication every few months.

How should New Balance golf shoes fit?

Finding the right fit is key to maximizing both comfort and stability. In general, New Balance golf shoes should:

  • Fit snugly in the heel upon initial wear but avoid major slippage
  • Have enough room to wiggle toes freely without excess space
  • Allow enough width across the ball and instep of your foot
  • Not pinch or rub uncomfortably as you walk or swing

Consider sizing up half a size if you fall between standard sizing or need extra width. Insoles can also finetune fit.

Can I get custom New Balance golf shoes?

Yes! New Balance offers customization of select shoe models through their Made in US & UK websites. You can pick the colors and material for the heel counter, laces, tongue logo, outsole, and more.

Personalized ID numbers or text can also be added. Custom shoes are made to order and shipped within approximately three weeks.

What type of spikes do New Balance golf shoes use?

Most spiked New Balance golf shoes feature the Champ brand Slim-Lok removable spike system. This includes options like the Minimus Tour and Dynasport.

Some models use Softspikes instead. Spikes screw into threaded holes in the outsole and can be replaced when worn down.

Spikeless styles have textured rubber outsoles for grip and are more casual.

Are New Balance golf shoes good for walking?

Absolutely! Many New Balance golf shoes are designed specifically with walking all 18 holes in mind. They use flexible, lightweight materials that make hoofing it easy and comfortable.

Cushioning technology like Fresh Foam or REVlite provide essential shock absorption for long distances. Traction lugs give stability on varied terrain.

Look for walking-focused features like these if carrying your clubs for the entire round.

Why are New Balance golf shoes so expensive?

New Balance golf shoes typically range from around $120 up to $200 at full retail price. This positions them at the mid-to-high end of golf shoe pricing.

Several reasons factor into the higher costs including:

  • Use of premium leather and technical fabrics
  • Patented cushioning and stability technologies
  • Handcrafted manufacturing and inspection
  • Brand reputation for consistent quality and performance

While not cheap, they deliver excellent value compared tomany competitors’ offerings.

Do New Balance golf shoes run wide?

Some New Balance golf models do come in wide width options, typically starting with a D or 2E width designation. Check individual product listings to see if they come in standard, wide, extra wide or other multiple widths.

Trying shoes on in person is the best way to confirm fit, but selecting a wide option is recommended for golfers with naturally wide feet.

Are there spikeless New Balance golf shoes?

As golf style continues to trend more athletic and casual, New Balance has definitely embraced the spikeless revolution. Many of their core models like the Fresh Foam styles and FuelCell are available in both traditional spiked and spikeless versions.

The spikeless shoes swap metal or plastic cleats out for textured rubber outsoles that supply surprisingly solid traction with greater versatility.

How do you clean New Balance golf shoes?

After every round of golf, loosen and lightly brush debris off the outsoles. Remove the insoles and use a soft bristle brush and warm water to gently scrub stains on the upper, wiping with a damp cloth.

Allow shoes to fully air dry before placing back in the box or bag for storage. For tougher stains, a mild detergent can be applied sparingly with a soft toothbrush. Avoid fully submerging leather golf shoes in water.

The Right Fit for Your Game

We hope this guide has helped tee you up for success in finding the best New Balance golf shoes to elevate your play. With an understanding of the technologies that deliver responsive cushioning, grip, and stability, as well as sizing/fit tips, you’re ready to choose the right model to optimize both your foot comfort and course performance.

The LinksSL Boa, Fresh Foam Crush, Minimus Tour, and Fresh Foam GOLFX represent the cream of the crop with their innovative features and styling. Keep in mind your personal needs and priorities to decide which is the ideal match. Once you get the right pair on your feet and feel their support over 18 holes, you may never take them off!

Here’s to stepping into the tee box with new confidence and playing your best game ever in your New Balance kicks. Let us know which model earns the top spot in your golf bag!

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