Find Your Perfect Fit – Choosing the Best New Balance Shoes in Canada

As one of the top athletic shoe brands worldwide, New Balance has earned a reputation for quality, comfort and performance. For over a century, New Balance has been a leader in innovative footwear technologies and shoe manufacturing. Based in Boston, their shoes are still proudly made in the USA and UK. This reputation for quality craftsmanship also makes New Balance one of the most popular shoe brands in Canada.

Whether you need shoes for running, training, walking or casual wear, New Balance has a diverse range of footwear to choose from. With so many styles and technologies to consider, it can be tricky finding your perfect pair. In this article, we’ll cover how to select the best New Balance shoes based on your needs and preferences. We’ll also recommend some of the top New Balance shoe models available in Canada today.

How to Choose New Balance Shoes

With a brand as extensive as New Balance, there are lots of factors that go into finding the right shoe. Follow this criteria when shopping for your New Balance kicks:

Identify Your Needs

First, consider what activities you plan to use the shoes for. This will determine what features and technologies you need to look for. Popular categories include:

  • Running – Structured cushioning for shock absorption on pavement. Stability and pronation control features. Breathable uppers.
  • Training – Supportive midsole and ankle collar. Flexible sole and multi-directional traction. Allows lateral movements.
  • Walking – Cushioned sole with good shock absorption. Stability features. Comfort-driven fit.
  • Lifestyle – Stylish, casual designs. Everyday wear. Lightweight comfort and support.

Having a purpose in mind helps narrow the choices. New Balance makes models specifically designed for each activity.

Consider Fit and Sizing

It’s always best to try shoes on in-store to get the right size and fit. New Balance shoes tend to fit true to size, but some people size up or down. Make sure there is a little wiggle room in the toe box and that your heel doesn’t slip. Take into account if you’ll be wearing orthotics as well.

Evaluate Features Based on Activity

Depending on your needs, look for relevant features and technologies:

For Running Shoes:

  • Cushioning – Absorbs shock and provides bounce. Look for soft foams or air pockets.
  • Stability Features – Guide and support foot motion. Help control overpronation.
  • Weight – Lighter shoes are faster but may compromise support.
  • Breathability – Mesh uppers allow airflow to feet to reduce sweat.

For Training Shoes:

  • Ankle Support – Padded collar secures ankle and prevents rolling.
  • Midsole – Cushions landings from jumps but remains firm for lifting.
  • Traction – Multi-directional grip for agility training. Sticky rubber outsoles.
  • Flexibility – Natural foot motions. Bends at toe joints.

For Walking Shoes:

  • Cushioning – Reduces impact to joints and muscles during miles.
  • Stability – Prevents overpronation and controls foot motion.
  • Comfort Features – Padded collar, removable footbed, flexible upper.
  • Durability – Outsole and upper materials withstand abrasion.

For Lifestyle Shoes:

  • Style – Contemporary, fashionable designs for everyday wear.
  • Comfort Technologies – Lightweight foams, padded collar, breathable materials.
  • Support – Maintains foot alignment and arch support for all-day wear.
  • Versatility – Transitions seamlessly from exercise to casual settings.

Consider Construction and Materials

How the shoes are engineered also affects quality, durability and performance. Look for:

  • Breathable Mesh Uppers – Allows ventilation and moisture wicking.
  • Leather/Synthetics – Durability, structure, and support.
  • Injection Molded Midsoles – Light, springy cushioning.
  • ENCAP – Durable cushioning tech combines firm foam ring with soft core.
  • Blown Rubber Outsoles – Lightweight with flexible cushioning.
  • CUSH+ – Plush, responsive foam cushioning for excellent shock absorption.
  • FuelCell – Highly resilient and responsive cushioning foam.
  • ROLLBAR – Posting system that prevents overpronation.
  • ABZORB – Advanced cushioning tech absorbs impacts.

Assess Your Budget

New Balance shoes range from affordable entry-level models around $60 up to premium performance shoes over $150. Determine how much you’re willing to spend for the features you need. Even budget models employ quality technologies so you can find excellent value shoes.

Read Reviews

Research top rated New Balance styles online based on your priorities. User reviews can provide helpful insight into real-world performance, fit, sizing, and comfort.

The Best New Balance Shoes in Canada

New Balance has hundreds of shoe options, so we’ve highlighted some of the bestsellers and top rated models available in Canada.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2

Best for: Long distance racing and fast training.


  • FuelCell midsole delivers a propulsive, energized ride.
  • Engineered mesh upper for lightweight breathability.
  • Added stability from GuideRails technology.
  • Bold color options.


  • Provides snappy, responsive cushioning ideal for speed.
  • Soft upper conforms comfortably to the foot.
  • Durable carbon rubber outsole.
  • Great for tempo runs and races.


  • Expensive at over $200.
  • May not have enough cushioning for heavier runners.

Price: $220 CAD

The FuelCell Rebel v2 is a lightweight performance shoe ideal for faster paced running. The energetic FuelCell foam and smooth heel-to-toe transition make them perfect for race day or speed workouts.

New Balance 1080v12

Best for: Daily training and high mileage neutral running.


  • Dual-density midsole with soft FuelCell surrounded by firmer foam.
  • Engineered upper for adaptive fit.
  • asy wrap bootie construction.
  • Premium feel with no-sew application.


  • SoftLAND CUSH+ midsole provides plush cushioning.
  • Versatile for both long, slow runs and daily training.
  • Features many runner-favorite technologies.
  • Comfortable knit upper.


  • Higher price point due to premium features.
  • Limited color options.

Price: $190 CAD

The 1080v12 is a go-to neutral shoe designed to handle high weekly mileage. Great for recovery days or long runs at an easy pace thanks to its soft cushioning.

New Balance 880v12

Best for: Daily training runs.


  • Dual-density midsole combines ACTEVA foam with injection molded EVA.
  • Engineered double jacquard mesh upper.
  • Podular outsole design enhances flexibility.


  • Provides responsive cushioning and reliable support.
  • Heathered upper looks stylish.
  • Excellent price point for a daily trainer with premium features.
  • Versatile; works for variety of runs.


  • Break-in period may be required.
  • Some report the heel is too narrow.

Price: $150 CAD

The 880v12 offers an impressive combination of technologies and premium feel at a more affordable price point than other daily trainers. A great choice for medium to high mileage.

New Balance FuelCell Propel v2

Best For: Uptempo runs and race-pace workouts.


  • Revamped FuelCell midsole foam provides propulsive cushioning.
  • Engineered mesh upper with added structure.
  • Rubber wraps up from outsole over toe for protection.
  • Reflective details enhance visibility.


  • Lightweight cushioning with energetic toe-off.
  • Breathable mesh upper.
  • Low-profile platform provides ground feel.
  • Excellent for faster training like intervals and tempo runs.


  • Not enough support as a daily trainer.
  • Decreased durability compared to some outsoles.

Price: $165 CAD

The fast and responsive FuelCell Propel v2 is built for speed. It’s a great lightweight performance shoe for faster paced training and races under a half marathon.

New Balance FuelCell Prism v2

Best For: Recovery days and easy long runs.


  • Plush FuelCell midsole compound.
  • Bootie construction hugs the foot.
  • Sculpted outsole for smooth transitions.
  • Strategic outsole rubber for durability.


  • Soft cushioning provides high energy return.
  • Stretchy knit upper is secure but flexible.
  • Works for a variety of paces and runs.
  • Premium features without the high price tag.


  • Some find the upper runs warm.
  • Limited color options.

Price: $135 CAD

The FuelCell Prism v2 focuses on delivering an extremely comfortable underfoot feel. It’s the ideal cozy cruiser for easy miles recovery days when you want soft cushioning.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Balance Canada

Where can I buy New Balance shoes in Canada?

New Balance shoes are sold at many sporting goods stores like Sporting Life, Running Room, and Atmosphere, as well as department stores like Hudson’s Bay. New Balance also has its own retail stores across Canada and an online shop at

Do New Balance shoes run true to size?

The majority of New Balance shoes fit according to standard sizing conventions. However, some people find they need to size up or down in certain styles to get their ideal fit. Trying them on in stores is recommended. Also consider if you’ll be wearing orthotics.

How do I clean New Balance shoes?

Use a soft brush and mild soap to clean dirt from the outsoles. For uppers, wipe stains gently with a damp cloth and mild detergent then allow to fully air dry. Don’t machine wash shoes.

How do I choose the right New Balance running shoes?

Consider your foot type, running gait, mileage, and intended use. Neutral pronators can choose lightweight, flexible cushioned shoes while overpronators need stability shoes with medial support. Visit a specialty running shop for a gait analysis to help select the best model.

How long do New Balance shoes last?

With proper care, New Balance shoes typically last around 300-500 miles for running shoes, and a year or two for casual shoes worn daily. Higher mileage runners may get less than 300 miles. Inspect shoes regularly for outsole wear to determine if a new pair is needed.

What are the best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis?

The best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis feature excellent arch support and cushioning under the heel. Top models include the Plantar Fasciitis 990v5, 1540v3, and 860v12. Custom orthotics can also help.

What are the top rated New Balance walking shoes?

Some of the highest rated New Balance shoes for walking include the 847v3, 577v5, 680v6, and 1540v3, all of which offer features like rollbar technology for stability, premium cushioning, and ABZORB shock absorption.

Are New Balance shoes good for flat feet?

Yes, many New Balance shoes work well for flat feet since they have firm midsoles, control features, and good arch support. Models such as the 1340v3, 1500v6, and 860v12 are recommended for flat feet.

What are the most comfortable New Balance shoes?

Some of New Balance’s most comfortable, cushioned shoes include the 1080v12, More v3, 880v12, 990v5, and 680v6. Features like plush Fresh Foam, quality leather, and sock-like knit uppers make them very comfortable.

Do New Balance shoes go on sale?

Yes, you can find New Balance shoes on sale throughout the year at select retailers or directly on the New Balance website. Look for sales around major holidays like Black Friday and Boxing Day, or during the summer. Signing up for emails can notify you of upcoming sales.

What’s the price range for New Balance shoes?

New Balance shoes range in price from about $60 CAD on the low end for basic entry-level models up to $260 CAD for premium performance running shoes with the latest technologies. Most lifestyle and walking models fall between $80-$150 CAD.

Do New Balance shoes come with a warranty?

Yes, New Balance shoes purchased brand new come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal wear and tear. Limitations apply, so check New Balance’s official warranty terms for details.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Balance Shoes

Here are some expert tips to maximize the comfort, performance, and longevity of your New Balance shoes:

  • Break in new shoes slowly over a few weeks, alternating with other pairs at first to allow your feet to adjust.
  • Always choose the appropriate shoe for each activity. Don’t use casual shoes for sports or vice versa.
  • Replace running shoes every 300-500 miles as cushioning and stability decrease with use.
  • Wear socks designed for your sport or activity to help prevent blisters and absorb sweat.
  • Check how your orthotics or insoles fit when worn with new shoes. Replace insoles if needed.
  • Keep shoes clean since dirt and debris accelerate breakdown of materials.
  • Allow shoes a full 24 hours to air dry between wears to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Store shoes properly on shelves or in boxes, away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • Regularly inspect the outsole tread and upper for excess signs of wear.
  • Consider using custom orthotics if you have flat feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis or other foot issues to provide extra support.
  • Don’t try to push through pain or discomfort. It likely means the shoes aren’t the right fit.


With a legacy spanning over 100 years, New Balance has cemented itself as a leading athletic footwear brand celebrated for their quality, technologies and wide range of performance shoes. Whether you’re a serious runner clocking high weekly mileage or a casual sneaker fan looking for lifestyle shoes to match your wardrobe, New Balance has options to suit your needs.

We’ve covered the key criteria – like intended activity, fit, and features – to evaluate when shopping the extensive New Balance lineup for your next pair. Keeping your needs and preferences in mind will help narrow down the choices. Referencing some of the top rated models we highlighted can further guide you towards shoes that deliver on comfort, performance and style.

While the multitude of shoe choices is exciting, it can also make purchasing decisions overwhelming. Hopefully the tips and recommendations provided here will give you the confidence to find your perfect fit among the New Balance collections available in Canada. Just take the process step-by-step. Before long, you’ll be stepping out in stylish, comfortable New Balance shoes tailored exactly for how you live and play.

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