Find Your Perfect Fit: Choosing the Best New Balance Shoes for Women

For over a century, New Balance has been a leader in athletic footwear, outfitting female athletes and active women with quality performance and lifestyle shoes. With so many technologies and styles now available from the Boston-based brand, it can feel daunting finding the right New Balance kick perfect for your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll overview the key factors to consider when shopping for women’s New Balance shoes. We’ll also highlight top rated New Balance shoes for running, training, walking and casual wear so you can step out in confidence and comfort. Let’s start moving in the right direction!

How to Pick the Best New Balance Shoes for Women

With the wide range of New Balance women’s shoes now available, keep these tips in mind when selecting a pair ideal for you:

Identify Your Primary Use

Consider if you need shoes mostly for running, gym workouts, walking or casual everyday wear. Certain shoes are tailored for specific activities.

Cushioning Preferences

Different cushioning types like soft and responsive foam better match running vs. Cross-training. Consider the cushioning performance you need.

Sizing and Fit

New Balance shoes come in a wide spectrum of widths. Get properly fitted at a retailer to determine your size and ideal width.

Arch and Foot Shape

Those with flat feet, high arches or overpronation should select appropriate stabilization features for their needs.

Support Elements

If you require additional arch support, motion control or stability, choose shoes that provide extra reinforcement.

Traction Needs

Road, trail, gym flooring and studio classes call for outsoles with grip targeted for that surface.


Well-ventilated mesh uppers keep feet cooler and drier during activity compared to hot leather shoes.


New Balance spans entry ($50-$100), moderate ($100-$150) and premium ($150+) price points across models.

User Reviews

Lookup experiences from women with similar foot shapes and activity needs to you for the most relevant insight.

Try Them On

Always test the fit and feel of shoes in person with athletic socks during activity.

Now that you know how to shop smart, let’s explore some of the best New Balance shoes for women across categories.

Reviews of Top New Balance Shoes for Women

Here are our picks for the best New Balance models for women’s running, walking, training and casual wear needs after evaluating fit, support, comfort, and performance:

Best New Balance Women’s Running Shoes

Fresh Foam 1080v12 – Plush neutral cushioning absorbs impact for supreme comfort over long distances.

Fresh Foam Tempo – This lightweight trainer maintains flexibility and bounce during moderate paced miles.

860v12 – Dual density foam and a synthetic/mesh upper provide stable support for mild overpronators.

Fresh Foam Beacon v3 – A versatile neutral cushioning workhorse ready to rack up the daily miles.

Best New Balance Women’s Walking Shoes

928v4 – With Rollbar support and Abzorb cushioning, it stabilizes and cushions for easy miles.

1540v3 – Maximum structure including a stabilizing T-beam shank controls serious overpronation during walking.

626v2 – Plush leather upper and cooper midsole cushioning create a comfortable fit for all day wear.

577V1 – Retro-inspired suede leather on this shoe brings vintage charm to leisurely strolls.

Best New Balance Women’s Training Shoes

FuelCell Rebel – The snappy nitrogen-infused foam drives performance for HIIT and gym sessions.

FuelCore Nergize – Super lightweight with a flexible bootie construction suits dance, barre and agility drills.

585v7 – Premium leather with performance mesh attends to both style and function for versatile training.

624v2 – Supportive cushioning in this comfortable crosstrainer tackles everything from strength training to studio classes.

Best New Balance Women’s Lifestyle Shoes

574 Core – This retro classic gets refreshed with soft suede and mesh in go-with-anything colors.

327 – Luxe leather and a minimalist slip-on silhouette exude understated fashionable style.

Cruz V2 Fresh Foam – The high rebound foam sole and knit textile upper spell laidback comfort.

680v6 – Walk further in the breathable leather/mesh on this cushioned fashion sneaker.

Comparison of Top New Balance Women’s Shoes

| Shoe | Use | Cushioning | Support | Fit | Traction | Ventilation | Widths | Budget |
| 1080v12 | Running | Ultra Plush | Neutral | True to Size | Road | Mesh | Narrow – Extra Wide | $$$ |
| 928v4 | Walking | Plush | Stability | Slightly Wide | Road/Treadmill | Leather/Mesh | Wide | $$ |
| FuelCell Rebel | HIIT | Responsive Foam | Neutral | True to Size | Gym Floor | Mesh | Standard | $$ |
| 574 Core | Lifestyle | Standard Foam | Neutral | True to Size | Casual | Suede/Mesh | Standard | $ |

This overview shows how New Balance optimizes different women’s shoes across features like stability, fit, and cushioning based on activity needs.

Pro Tips for Finding the Perfect New Balance Shoes for Women

To find your ideal set, utilize these expert tips:

  • Make sure to get feet properly measured every time you shop rather than assuming your size. Feet can change!
  • Trying on athletic shoes with the actual socks you plan to wear can better mimic the fit during training.
  • Walk and move dynamically to test out cushioning and support during activity.
  • Aim for a roomy toe box so feet can spread naturally but heel and midfoot should fit snugly.
  • Consider wider than normal widths or sizing up if you have broad feet or swelling.
  • Examine outsoles to confirm the pattern matches your intended activity surface.
  • For serious runners, swap out shoes around 300-500 miles to maintain support as foam breaks down.
  • Allow for an adjustment period to break-in stiff new shoes gradually.
  • Don’t hesitate to order multiple sizes and widths to home test with activity.
  • Save receipts and original boxes in case exchanges or returns are needed down the road.

Answers to Common New Balance Women’s Shoe Questions

Still have some uncertainties when shopping for women’s New Balance shoes? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do New Balance shoes fit compared to other athletic brands like Nike?

New Balance shoes fit true to size but tend to run slightly wider than brands like Nike. Having feet properly measured at each purchase rather than assuming your size is critical for finding the ideal fit.

Should you size up when buying New Balance shoes?

It’s best to start by trying your normal shoe size. But those with wider feet may consider sizing up 1⁄2 size if a little extra room is needed while still maintaining a secure heel and midfoot.

Are New Balance shoes good for women with plantar fasciitis?

Certain supportive stability models like the 928v3 are recommended for plantar fasciitis and provide pain relief. But always consult a podiatrist about the best shoes for your needs.

Where are most New Balance women’s shoes manufactured?

While some women’s New Balance shoes are still made in the US and UK, the majority of women’s footwear production has shifted to factories in China and Vietnam to meet demand.

How long should a pair of women’s New Balance shoes last?

Plan on replacing running shoes around every 300-500 miles. For regular gym training, 9-12 months is reasonable longevity to expect before cushioning breaks down. Lifestyle use may allow shoes to last longer.

What’s the best way to clean white New Balance leather or mesh shoes?

Use a gentle soap with warm water and a soft brush. Avoid harsh cleaners. For stubborn stains, a bleach pen can help brighten up white shoe areas.

Can you wear New Balance shoes for high intensity interval training workouts?

Yes, New Balance shoes like the lightweight FuelCore series provide the responsiveness and support needed for HIIT training and bootcamp style fitness classes.

Find Your Perfect Pair of New Balance Shoes

New Balance offers exceptional athletic and lifestyle shoes to suit women’s needs across activities. Determining your fit, performance priorities, and style preferences will help narrow the options.

Be sure to try shoes on in person and assess fit and feel during movement. Don’t hesitate to purchase a couple sizes or widths to home test before deciding. Breaking in shoes gradually will increase comfort.

What are your favorite New Balance shoes for women? Share your top picks and shoe shopping advice in the comments to help a fellow female sneaker fan out!

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